How to style a pixie cut

Catherine Walsh short hair styling tip - Nivea Creme on wet hair

Got a pixie haircut? Fancy an unexpected short hair styling tip? Here’s one – use Nivea Creme!


Catherine Walsh – Senior Vice President, Coty – on her amazing gray short hair:

“My secret is that, after I wash and towel-dry my hair, I put in Nivea Creme. It doesn’t work on all hair types, but mine is very thick, and it adds a nice sheen and separated texture. I take as much as if I was just going to moisturize my hands, rub it between my palms and shape my hair. It doesn’t feel like anything is in your hair – it’s not stiff like other styling products.”

Isn’t she awesome? How cool is that!

And there’s more inspiring Walsh’s beauty insights in the Into The Gloss article

Catherine Walsh photographed by Emily Weiss

XO! Mod :)

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